Conflicts arising in the performance of contracts, such as in facility construction projects, demand competent and proactive legal support.

This is a focal point of our work. We represent many facility construction and industrial companies on a long-term basis and have the expertise to not only competently advise you, but to fight your case when the situation becomes earnest. We have also represented many clients in arbitration proceedings which are very important in conflicts between industrial parties. Just as important is preliminary relief. We have brought numerous summary proceedings, including injunctive relief , to a successful conclusion for our clients – including through the use of effective enforcement proceedings.

To us, contract dispute resolution also means avoiding costs and seeking pragmatic solutions using commercial skills. With attorneys who possess the comprehensive professional experience required to assess whether a settlement may be discussed, and if so using what strategy. Because mediation proceeding is not cure-all.

A significant part of our work is international. We support our clients in cross-border matters, such as serving documents abroad or cross-border enforcement. Likewise, we support our clients in the event they are a party to a foreign proceeding.