Recent developments in Germany and the EU have significantly improved the legal framework for those that have suffered damages from cartels to receive compensation for execessive cartel prices that often were extracted for a period of years. Our firm has extensive expertise in the enforcement of as well as the defence against those cartel damage claims. Strong ties to renowned competition economists enable us to provide one-stop counsel.

If your company has (directly or indirectly) purchased products from a company which has been participating in a cartel violation, we will support you in the preparation and assertion of claims, both outside of, and – if necessary – in court. In this area, our approach is based on the successful combination of the longstanding core strengths of our firm: competition law and civil litigation.

The risks and costs of going to trial against a cartel member can be taken into account through appropriate fee arrangements as well as through the inclusion of a litigation funding specialist and can thus be adequately reflected in a cost-benefit-analysis.