We support you in investigating and evaluating potential antitrust violations in your undertaking and in developing solutions. Here, damage to your undertaking can often be avoided before and independently of an official investigation. Leniency applications can also play a role here.

In the event cartel proceedings are initiated against your company, we support your undertaking and your management during all stages of the proceedings, from the “dawn raid” to discussions and any cooperation with antitrust authorities, as well as to the point when the antitrust authorities issue their decisions including, if applicable, subsequent litigation. Based on a risk analysis, we will find ways to prevent a negative decision of the antitrust authorities or at least reduce any penalty, risk of damage claims or loss of reputation. Here you benefit from the experience of our antitrust team, as well as the close contacts of the attorneys of Corinius to German and European antitrust authorities. Upon the conclusion of a cartel proceeding, we also represent you before the German and European courts.