Energy Law Compliance

In this context we provide continuous support to companies with respect to the implementation of energy laws, including the - sometimes diverging – European rules.

Competition and Criminal Law Compliance

Our compliance advice is meant to prevent, analyze and minimize damages, particularly in the area of competition and criminal law, through internal audits, workshops and training, and by setting up and implementing compliance procedures and creating the corresponding compliance structures.

To this end, we assist our clients in the conception and implementation of competition law preventative measures (such as employee training, conduct guidelines, manuals, reporting obligations, sanctions, hotlines) as well as in reacting to violations that are uncovered. We provide support to you in identifying and managing risks. The goal is to take the burden off your company with compliance measures so that you can exploit its full potential without being exposed to liability and criminal law risks.

Anti-Corruption Law

In practice, competition and criminal law violations, particularly in the area of anti-corruption law, are often connected. Criminal law violations committed from within the company or against other companies carry risks similar to those of competition law violations.

Corinius supports your company in this respect in internal investigations and stopping any violations, as well as in developing strategies to prevent and minimize damages. We have a lot of experience dealing with law enforcement authorities as well as litigating enrichment and damage claims.